About YiaYiaChic

Hello Beauties!
I am so glad you are here!

My name is Toni Markette and I am YOUR Hello Pink Independent Stylist!!

But there is so much more to me. I am a third generation Artist, an avid gardener and cook (I share drool worthy healthy food pictures online all the time, half of my friends want to be adopted!) I am a wife of 28 years and live in North Florida with my Rick and our two adorable doglets, Zazoo (16) and Clair (4). We are in our 50's and our nest is empty. I have one daughter who is amazing (of course) and she has one daughter who I am pretty sure hung the moon (of course). My Emtastic calls me YiaYia and that is why my boutique is called YiaYiaChic!

I found Hello Pink by complete accident after losing nearly ⅓ of myself naturally as part of my personal health journey. You see I needed clothing, something I had not been interested in for a long time. I was very shy and uncomfortable with shopping and everything I found out in the local shops just did not appeal to me but I did learn what size I was. I saw an Instagram post for Hello Pink Corporate and I went to their link and really loved what I was seeing! They carry sizes extra small through 4X and have leggings that go to 5X. But that was not the clincher. I placed an order and it arrived pretty quick and when I touched those clothes, when I put them on my body I felt something I had not felt since I was in my 20’s… I felt beautiful. I felt touchable (which is very sexy!) and I felt confident. Now when I go out and about, I do not try to hide, I walk with my shoulders back and head up and the looks I get are no longer condemning, they are ACCEPTANCE! I still have a long way to go, but I LOVE how my clothing makes me feel and that feeling has gone a long way toward rebuilding the confident woman I want to be. Hello Pink continues to motivate me to pursue my goals as a woman headed into my 60’s!


Weight Loss Journey