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  • Maui Glow by Glam Babe Tanning Foam

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    Maui Glow by Glam Babe Tanning FoamMaui Glow by Glam Babe Tanning Foam

Collection: Tan

At, we believe in achieving a beautiful tan that doesn't require you to sacrifice the health of your skin. Overexposure of UVA rays from sunlight can cause long-term skin damage, including wrinkles and sunspots. Protect your skin so you can keep it looking healthy for years to come. We’ve created luxurious self-tanning products to keep your skin glowing without needing harmful sun rays. Choose between gradual, medium, or dark shades to get your perfect match.

A Quality Sun-Kissed Self-Tanning Foam

You love to look tan, and we want to give you the best self-tanning solution there is. That’s why our self-tanning foams, sprays, and drops are made with natural ingredients that pamper your skin while the tanning solution is activated. Our foams, sprays, and drops are made with 100% natural DHA. 

Choose Your Tan Level

Achieve the level of darkness you desire by choosing one from different colors. Choose gradual for a buildable glow. Choose medium for a moderate healthy glow, and dark or deep dark for the ultimate sun-kissed glow. Every level of color gives you a glowing self-tanner experience. 

Choose a Tanning Mitt for Easy Application

Creating the ultimate glowing tan is easy thanks to our washable and reusable self-tanning mitts and exfoliators. Using a tanning mitt makes the application of our self-tanning foam, mist, and drops easier. No worrying about stained fingers when you’ve got a washable mitt to use! Choose either a basic or deluxe mitt. We offer mitts in black, pink, and leopard print to make your self-tanning experience easy and fun.