Trend Alert: History of the Duck Boots!

History of the Duck Boot:

These boots became popular by duck hunters who waded in the marshy New England waters of Maine and Massachusetts. Rubber soles were constantly being used (because of their waterproof abilities) when combating high water locations , like rivers, which translates well to cold and wet inner-city gear.

In 1912, duck boots were designed for mass-production so that non-duck hunters everywhere could wear them on their treks that were a bit less rigorous than duck hunting (like heading to class in the cold rain or snow). 

These boots are a must have for winter for everybody, especially if you are from an area thats cold or wet! The rubber soles are great for both rain and snow alike!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first saw these on the runway!  I am really happy to see these hitting the market again, and with so many different design choices! We offer shorter faux fur versions, and taller versions alike.


Our shorter faux fur buckled version is chestnut is shown above. You can shop for them here. They are also available in a darker, richer brown color as well.

Like a little more coverage on your calves? Try the taller grey version below. They can be found here.

Instead of grabbing your UGG boots or trying to make your rubber rain boots warmer, be stylish and trendy in duck boots this fall and winter!  




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