6 ways to wear a blanket scarf!

There are regular scarves, and then there are BLANKET SCARVES. They're kind of the holy grail of fall fashion. They are versatile-- not only do they look super chic, but they're totally functional as well. Nothing says fall quite like the perfect blanket scarf. 

You might be like I was when I first started wearing these-- just baffled. How on earth do I wear a 58" square blanket as a scarf? Never fear! I have a handy quick reference guide for you!

Style 1:

Here is the most basic way to do it! (photographs all courtesy of Gurl.com

1. Keep one side longer

2. Loop the long side around your neck

3. Pull the long side through the loop

4. Adjust



Style 2:

A less bulky look (also, my personal FAVORITE!)


Style 3:

Put a belt on it! 


Style 5:

Tie the scarf over one shoulder. An easy, breezy look that takes almost zero effort!  


Style 6:

My second favorite! Just drape it around your neck a few times! This is a classic look.


Blanket scarves-- the perfect accessory for so many different looks this fall, that also transition perfectly well into winter! 

Which is your favorite way to wear to wear your blanket scarf? 

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